Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day!

It's Christmas Day for my Mom's side of the family.  What a ride! Kids running and screaming, the smells of turkey and ham permeate the air and a pile of shoes and boots blocks the entry.

We always have this thing at Christmas of making too much food.  There was tonnes. Well, a lot.  And I have this habit of eating tonnes. But, between you and me, we'll call it a lot.

I didn't make any desserts or cakes for this get-together.  I were expecting one since that's all I seem to have been doing, lately. Instead, I gave away a shawl I've been working on for oh, a year and a half.  Yes, I said it out loud.  That long.

 I made it for my grandma :) She loved it. I don't have a photo of her with it because I'm not with it like that. However a photo of the shawl? I could do that for ya...


It's #28 Lace Shawl by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner.  And I love it, too.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Who doesn't love contests??? I do! I do!!

I love playing contests..and winning, of course! I do radio, Internet and draws...and sometimes, I win!

What have I won? Use of a mini-bus for 8 hours (value approx $600), a gas card for $0.05 off/litre at PetroCan for up to 400 litres....concert tickets, books, gift cards to restaurants, the list could go on!

So, if you wanna win, check out this contest from Fabricworm and enter for some awesome fabrics.  Who doesn't love awesome fabric?? Start sewing!!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Frost-ing the Snowman

So he doesn't have a magic top hat. I thought a good old Canadian toque would keep him a lot, ahem, warmer...
Here he is, in all his buttercream glory...

His hat and scarf are modelling chocolate, made from those melts at the bulk store mixed with light corn syrup. So easy!

He even comes complete with his very own snowball border :)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Cake Making

Tonight is cake night.  Well, the last few days have been cake days.  Tonight is cake icing and assembling.  This is the part that makes my stomach twinge.  I have a vision.  A clear vision of how this 3D snowman should look.  Will it be so? Can I get the "round" look I want without the whole thing *gasp* toppling over?!?!?! These questions have plagued me for days and restless nights.  How I want my vision to manifest itself!!

I'll post pictures when it's done :)