gracie who?

Gracie.  Grace.  My middle name.

In all honesty, not my favourite name as a kid.  I really don't know why.  Maybe because I always associated grace with giving thanks.  And I didn't really think about being thankful as a kid.  I'll admit it. I was selfish. (am still, a bit, but don't tell). 

gracie's place? Well, my place.  Our place.  Where I live with my family, and do my stuff.  There are 3 of us bi-ped types, and two of the four-legged canine variety.  Andy, (the Other Half as I'll refer to him from here on out) is the adult version of my 8 year old son.  If that makes sense to you.  My boy, well,...he's my boy.  There really aren't enough words to describe him, except to say that he's certainly unique.  A one-of-a-kind-kid. My girl, well, she's almost a grown-up, now, and that kind of makes me sad.  I'll update this sometime in the future, when she's more of a grown-up, and I have a handle on it.  Right now, I don't wanna talk about how fast time has flown...

The creatures.  Oh, the creatures! Ha! Mitts, the "big dog" is a big suck.  She thinks she's human, and tries to talk to us.  She howls at the air siren that sounds when the fire trucks leave, and she has a spiral tail.  And red highlights in her bangs.  Yes, bangs. 

Pixie, the "little one", well, we don't know what she is.  Small and a bundle of energy, she'll take you out with her tail if you're not paying attention. As she's only a year old, her personality hasn't fully developed yet.  I'll keep you tuned in on that one.

Don't let her size fool you, though.  She's 5 pounds heavier than the big dog, and she can pull me off me feet after a squirrel when we're out for a walk.

I won't be posting photos of my kids...that creeps me out.  And I won't be telling you their names either.  I do ask that if you know me and my kids personally, that you don't call them by name here, either.  I'll be happy to talk to you in person or via email if you'd like to discuss how they're doing.  Thanks.

So that's me.  And this is my place.  So, it's gracie's place.  I love my name, now. And I have a lot to be thankful for.  I think when they say things grow on you, they might have it backwards. Maybe we need to grow into our things.

Come visit now and again.  I'll be happy to have you! And when your friends ask where you've been, you can tell them... atgracie'

See you soon!