Tuesday, 25 October 2016

I do! Do you?

Ah, weddings..

I love them, don't you? Do they make you cry as much as I do? It's not that I'm sad...I think it's the overwhelming rush of emotion that fills the space where the ceremony is taking place.  Even if it's outside! I have memories of my own come back to me, my husband squeezes my hand just a little to let me know that he feels it too..(though he'd never tell you that)..

And what better way to be a part of anyone's wedding than providing them with their cake?!? I LOVE being chosen to help the happy couple celebrate by making a delicious and pretty cake for their big day.  The theme lately has gone towards single servings--cupcakes-- and a cutting cake for the bride and groom.

That's exactly what Casandra and Krag asked for, and what they got.  Five dozen each of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and a vanilla cutting cake, dressing in a simple buttercream icing. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Hello (hellohellohellohelloooooo)...Is anybody In there??

Just knock if you can ....

Oh sorry about that! My title got me singing in my head, and well you know...some songs just need to be sung.