Monday, 3 October 2016

Pumpkin Spice... Everything Nice...

Oh wait...that's not the nursery rhyme I was going for.

Like the rest of the world, when October hits, my brain goes directly to Pumpkin Spice.


I said it. My brain goes there. Do I love it? Do I crave it? Does it haunt my dreams in the middle of May with nary a pumpkin in sight?


Actually, I don't like pumpkin spice. Or pumpkin. At all. (except the colour...Orange is my fave..)

I'm listening for the collective "gasp!" here.

Nope, I don't like it. Not me.  But everyone (and I use that term loosely) else seems to.  In my house though, it's not to the extreme of having to flavour one's favourite early morning beverage with it..or smell up my house with scented melting waxes... Only 33.333% of this household likes it, and that would be my husband. So, being the adoring *insert snide grin here*  wifey that I am, I go ahead and make up some pumpkin pie for him. Or, in this year's case, pumpkin tarts. No, not tarts. Pumpkin Mini Pies. Because that's what they are.  Pumpkin pie filling in a mini pie crust.

The part I do like is the making.  I had some pie dough in the freezer and had just gotten some little pie pumpkins from our local pumpkin farmer.  Why buy canned pumpkin puree when it's so easy to roast up your own? There's the added treat of roasted pumpkin seeds, if you like those as well. It's a double duty gourd.

I didn't take any progress pictures, because, well...let's just say this post comes "post" bake.. I'll definitely leave you this though, so you can behold my Pumpkin Mini Pies in all of their pumpkiny glory.  Yes, I just made up a word.  You do it all the time.  Admit it.

Right, the Mini Pies. Here you go...

If you want to know how to make them, let me know and I'll put together a little tutorial for ya.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Month  October!