Saturday, 27 April 2013


Have you been atgraciesplace and I haven't been here? I promise, I'm not AWOL nor MIA.

I've been in the jungle.  The mighty jungle.  Where the lion sleeps, tonight.  haha!

Actually, the lion isn't sleeping.  That's because there's a baby sleeping in his bed! I've been in this jungle for the last week.

There she is...sleeping away....

It was such fun to make! A bit nerve wracking, but anything I tackle does that to me. Or maybe I do it to myself - who really knows?! Each tier is a 3 layer vanilla cake, filled with vanilla buttercream. The outside decorations and pink icing are fondant, and the grass is buttercream. Turned out kinda pretty in my opinion. What do you think?

Do you bake? Do you do fancy things or stick to everyday desserts? There's so much to try in the baking world. Let me know when you take your next adventure!