Monday, 1 April 2013


Look who came to visit :)

Chocolate cake, buttercream icing and monster eyes!

Well, a whole passel of these guys came to visit, and as soon as they did, they were gone! We had some happy neighbour kids..though, I'm not sure how thrilled their parents were, what with all the sugar.  Oh well, they're not my kids! Heehee!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, and are beating the sugar hangover :) 

I treated myself to some yarn the other day...I'll have to let you in on that one. 

Posts have been sporadic for a bit.  My hope is to blog more, now that spring is here, and I've started planting my seeds for my garden.  I'll show you some pics when they start to "show".  Feels like having a baby :)

Did you start your garden seeds this weekend? It was a great one for getting outside and enjoying the sun.  We did that, and cleaned up most of the dog mess....that one's like laundry.  The never-ending pile...