Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Out With the Old.. with my new favourite colour!

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I am IN LOVE with orange.  I have no idea why this tickles me so much, but holy cow...Everything I want is orange.  Yarn.  My purse is orange (and awesome, by the way).  I have orange outdoor-croc-like shoes and orange flip flops.  Orange pansies? Yep, I've got 'em! (I'm waiting for the orange poppies in my front garden to bloom).  I'm even dressed in an orange t-shirt. 

Doesn't this colour just do something for you? It does for me. And I really don't know why.  But that's alright. Let's not question what we know is good.

What's your favourite colour? Which one of the rainbow hues makes you happiest? Do you follow colour trends? Tell me! Enquiring minds, and all that ;)