Sunday, 2 February 2014

Oh the Aroma!

You should smell my house right now.  Really, you should be here.  There are ribs in my oven that are making me crazy with lust.  Seriously! I don't know if after these I will ever BBQ ribs on the grill again.  I just took a quick sneak of them, and let me tell die for.  No exaggeration. They look like this:

And for dessert if you remember, I was going to do a chocolate football.  Well, I got to thinking about that, and how sweet it would be with the chocolate icing on the chocolate cake.  And, since it's more or less for the Other Half to enjoy for Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I'd compromise and make what he likes...French Vanilla.  But the buttercream icing is heavenly.. (and my favourite part--it's a win/win situation).

That's what we'll be indulging in for the Big Game along with various chips and sundries...How about you? What did you make? Do you watch the game or is hockey more your thing...? Oh, and may the Broncos,  best team, win...!