Thursday, 20 November 2014

One Day, Last Summer...

***This post was started in the summer...I admit, I've been lazy.  Here's the surprise I promised you waaay back when...**

So there I was, scrubbing the toilet (I gave Cinderella the day off...oh, who am I kidding...I AM Cinderella...)..

Really, I was scrubbing the toilet when my doorbell rang.  It scared the crap outta me.  (see what I did there??).  I wasn't expecting anyone at my door.  Certainly not near 11:00AM on a Tuesday.  No one pops over unexpectedly.  Except my mother.  Anyway.. I peek around the corner to see my Aunt Joanne standing there, looking through the dirty glass of my screen door at my two dogs.  The dogs are peering up at her, barking their fool heads off, as they're not used to the "pop-over" either.  It was really quite exhilarating for all of us.

Fighting my way through a collective 150 pounds of dogs, I made it outside, and gave her a big hug.  It had been a while since I'd seen my Aunt.  Since the beginning of March, at my Grandfather's 90th birthday party.  Yeah, 90! Craziness!! After our brief emote-a-moment, she told me there was someone with her.  Who??!! Uh huh! Grandpa! I was thrilled! He doesn't get up here much...The last time was when I got married last summer, and he drove himself.  Yes, he drove!

After spending a long time yapping, my Aunt let me know that Grandpa wasn't the only visitor.  She'd brought someone to stay...well, to me, it's someone.  To you, something.  My late Grandma's sewing machine!!

This may not seem all that exciting to you...but to me...oh! to me! it's a thrill.  Grandma passed away quite a long time ago (20 years??) and I don't have much of hers.  Well, Grandpa thought I'd like to have her sewing machine.  And it's table.  There's another story, all together! They loaded it up and brought me 2 pieces of 2 people.. The table was put together by my GREAT Grandfather, Jim Squance.  He was born in 1897, lived for 97 years and was married for almost 71 of those.  And he was a wood hobbiest. Grandma needed a table for her sewing machine, so he made her one.  Nice dad, huh ;)

Anyway, enough babbling.  Here are the raw photos, in all their unedited glory!

Here's the front view...not fancy, but practical.

The machine sits comfortably, right in that space..

The original case ...

AND key! 

On first opening...

Here she is...cobwebs and all :D I love that there's still a spool of thread on it.

The original foot pedal, and light casing. 

Canadian made :)
It's like having a little piece of Grandma in my living room...all the time!

Is there anything of your grandparents that you have, that brings a smile to your face, and peace to your heart?