Saturday, 16 March 2013

Drumroll, Please!

I like contests.  I like to enter them, just to see..juuuuust in case I might win.  That doesn't mean I'm a gambler..the occassional scratch ticket or Lotto pick, but nothing serious. But contests, I seem to be quite good at!  Some of the items I've won are concert tickets, use of a mini-bus (what a trip that was! No, you're not getting details...), gift certificates radio station swag and so on. It's kind of fun! 

I haven't entered too many big name brand internet contests, as the chances of winning are super-skinny-jean slim. So, I stick with blog contests.  Kind of like this one which is over, so please don't enter.  I came upon it by chance, as another blogger I read had commented on it over my social media feed.  Did you catch all that? Ok, so I clicked on the link, all curious-like, took a read and left a comment.  It helped that I love the book that Truly Myrtle was reviewing.

 Pacific Knits by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel has so many cozy-looking on the link to see the look book!

Then, as usual, I forgot about entering.  What were the chances of my comment being picked out of who-knows-how-many to win this great offering?

Give it a few days...and then I checked my blog comments (because it's fun to see if anyone reads)!  I saw a comment.  My heart skipped a beat.  It said:

"Hey Kathy - you've won my giveaway for Pacific Knits! Email me your address or drop me a pm on Ravelry so I can send it to you :) Congratulations!!!"

Holy cow! I was stunned! I checked her blog. It was true.  Not some cruel joke.  I had WON! It's right here. See that?? I won! Yay!

This is the first thing I've won in quite a while.  I think my luck is returning! And with just a little more (tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day..gotta catch a leprachaun!) I'll be knitting from this little beauty soon!