Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pssst! Guess what?!

...Spring is coming!

Did you know? Right about now is the time I get the itch to go through my collection of seeds.  I have flower seeds, veggie seeds, fruit seeds, and even some seeds I don't have a name for.

I get the bug to start playing in the dirt near the end of winter.  I want to start my seeds, get my nails dirty and generally, see some green grass!  In my gardens around my house, we have all different things.  When we moved in here, about 8 1/2 years ago, there was lily of the valley, day lily, and almost any weed that would grow in sand. Oh, and tiger grass.  It's nice.  It's grass.

Lily of the Valley
That plant..the one above what you're reading right now..It might look harmless enough.  But, let me tell you! It has been the bane of my existence since we moved in.  It looked great back then.  Since, it's taken over the whole flower bed.  I've been diligently pulling any and all sprouts I find, though getting them all is proving difficult.  Hopefully, this spring, my efforts will be rewarded with no sprouts to yank out of the soil.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Last year, I planted something new which I picked up at my friends' garden centre, Eco-Gardens.  It's called Easter Eggplant. And it's awesome..This is the ornamental version.  There is an edible one, but this IS NOT it.
Easter Eggplant

The eggs start out as a whitish looking egg, as seen on the right.  At maturity, they're this yellow colour.  The plant itself isn't huge, but as they say, big things come in small packages.  In this case, bright eggs come on small plants! Watching them change from white to yellow is quite the event as well.  The colour slowly changes, beginning with just a hint of colour, ending in a deep solid yolk-y shade of gold.
The bounty of my garden a couple of years ago
The purple carrots are the best! So sweet, and a really colourful addition to a salad! Just be careful if you should grow and cook them...boiling bleaches the colour out, and they're not as vibrant as the kiddos would like to see. Perhaps steaming would be a better option.
I'm sure you'll be seeing more photos of my garden once the snow melts and the seedlings make their debuts. What are you looking forward to planting in your gardens? Fruits? Veggies? Something totally new and exotic? Fill me in! Maybe I'll try out some of your favourite garden plants!